Website Design

what does your website say about you?

Plain-jane, unorganized, aloof? I hope these adjectives don’t describe your website, but if you’ve put your website design strategy on the back-burner, then your visitors have already noticed.

your website is the face of your business

When someone searches your business online, your website is (hopefully) the first result to pop up. It needs to be the one-stop-shop for everything a potential customer needs to know about you. The 5 W’s are more relevant than ever on your website, and a person needs to leave it with a full understanding of how your service can optimize their lives.

SEO, page-hierarchy, copywriting, graphic design & more

All these elements play a major roll in creating a profitable website. Your SEO strategy affects your page-hierarchy, which affects the way you write your copy. One tool can’t do well without the other, and if you leave any piece out, then your website can’t run like a well-oiled machine.

team up with me to create the website of your dreams

With my personalized website design services, I’ll work with you from your Pinterest board conceptions to your a final product you can be proud of. I’ve been through the ups and downs of designing a website, and know exactly what needs to be done each step of the way.

my website design services include

  • A complete brand guide
  • An SEO (search engine optimization) strategy
  • Comprehensive website map
  • Custom graphic design
  • Creative copywriting
  • One kick-a** website