Brand Consulting

question: does your branding complement your brand?

If you answered that with “what branding?”, then I definitely have my work cut out for me.

Branding is the cornerstone of all businesses, small or big. It helps establish the voice, tone, aesthetic and overall emotions that you want your potential clients and customers to feel.

it also increases brand recognition, which in turn increases sales.

If you’ve established a cohesive branding strategy that’s implemented throughout your website, newsletters, social media, etc., then your ideal customer is more likely to feel familiar with your business wherever they see it next – and will feel more comfortable engaging with it.

Colors, fonts, voice & more: you need it, I’ve got the tools to create it.

Branding should be the very first item to check off on your new business to-do list. With my services, you can get it crossed off your list in no-time and get on to the next steps of building your dreams!

My brand consulting services include

  • Logo design
  • Tagline creation
  • Optimal brand colors
  • Curated font family
  • Brand voice
  • Complete brand guide