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What’s your digital marketing strategy?

Does your brand’s digital marketing strategy need a major overhaul?  Call (402) 704 -7788 or send an email to today to receive your first consultation for free.

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Hansen Collective combines modern digital marketing strategies with custom content to boost the online presence of small businesses. Through the use of calculated content strategy, we’ll curate the best social media marketing plan that works for you. Our goal is to help your brand better communicate with your audience and create profitable social platforms.

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You may have heard that content is king, but content is nothing without strategic planning and the usage of SEO. That’s why I work endlessly to keep up with trends in data analytics and business intelligence, and create the best plan for you.

You could say data is the queen, and she rules the house.

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digital marketing consulting

Get a grasp of every moving part in your digital marketing strategy to assemble one lean, mean, lead-generating machine.

brand consulting

Create your business’s branding strategy to use across the board that will leave a positive impression on your ideal customer.


Social media posts can make or break your brand’s reputation. Don’t let it do the latter. Let’s curate content tailored to all your social media platforms.


Strategize successful marketing campaigns and attract new customers and leads through social media advertising.

website design

Your website is the face of your business, and I have one question for you: Do you need a face-lift? Let’s get started!